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tage road races,
into the cyclists,
to pull up the horse.
mouse warfare grew up,

In the area where Bidlake cycled,

driver and the horse were unhurt,
The road-race,1890s style.

scattering them into the roadway,
while the former ducked and dodged,

conducted between cyclists and police,
along the Great North Road,
But in her confusion she mishandled the reins,
longer a joke.
three trike-men,

“beaten the crushers.”
a bit of an adventure,

from the opposite direction,
over later among their clubmates,
were taking part in their club 50,
including Bidlake,

injuring them and damaging their machines.
pacers.A trap driven by a lady approached them
and the trap veered across the road
how they had
the driver became frightened and tried
Perhaps the young city riders found all this
who immediately announced his intention of banning absolutely all bicycle-racing in
But there came one par-
among them
as the latter tried their best to sabo-
and some
spies told them that the bobbies were out that
In July 1894 a group of North Roaders
moving their races at short notice when their
by the early 1890s a game of cat and
an exploit to be talked
and seeing the
ticular incident that showed them it was no
but she complained bitterly to the chief constable of
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