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the safeties.
farthings still
Bidlake’s day:
surviving with
the high penny-
The machines of


especially in remote rural areas,

had become well established by the 1880’s,

especially it seems in south east England,
local police authorities had the power to control it,

and assist their man.
almost 200 riders.

pacers out along the course,
picking up several pacers,
kind of racing on public roads.
county constabularies persecuted cyclists unmercifully.Among many cycling clubs,
with some seventy starters,
roads among the best in England,
time pacing was considered normal,
In October 1887,
several thousand pounds each year,
with perhaps twenty or so competitors,
But the use of these powers varied wildly from one part of the country to another.
cyclists could safely go their way in complete freedom,
where the volume of road traffic was higher,
Great North Road complained that his county spent
one landowner whose estates straddled the
ready to join in the fray
the West RC
just as they did to control any other activity on the
racing on the road
claimed that public opinion was entirely against this
On the other side of
each competitor
but in
but at that
indeed essen-
and each competitor might have two or three
and they were pretty wild affairs.They were bunch races
“Hoards of ragamuffin cyclists ride races and
In some
with the result
making their
resulting in a pack of
ran a 25-mile race from Kingston to Ripley and
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