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to 1933,
of the sport.
tor of the sport.
The Bidlake award,
later to become the A1,
Frederick Thomas Bidlake,
But before all that,

cycling and cycle-racing in this country,
President for the last nine of those years.
London –
the premier cycling clubs in the country,
24 Hour Tricycle
legal matters relating to cycling was unrivalled,
affectionately known as “Biddy”,
100 miles Tricycle
which was launched in 1934,
and it was on the trike that he set many RRA records,
from Barnet northwards as far as
York Tricycle
or off the bike in the service of cycling,
from the late 1880s,
field of British cycling.That achievement may be on the bike,
he had been a great rider himself,
289 miles
to say that in this country it was long regarded as the Oscar of cycling.
these being paced,

His knowledge and judgement on all historical,
Many of the most famous names in British cycling have received the award,

was a lifelong member of the North Road CC,
and through to his death in 1933.
as the custom then was:
and he served on the committee of the Road Records Association from 1891-1933,
He was President of the club from 1914
The Unfinished Story
technical and
one of
in the form of championship victories or
and this gave him a unique authority as an administra-
for example in administration or promotion
is given annually for outstanding achievement in the
probably the most outstanding figure in the period which saw the birth of
and it is fair
It was set up as a memorial to
favouring the tricycle over the bicycle,
whose members rode and raced on the Great North Road,
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