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overtaken by a cyclist,
cycling was considerable,
could be attacked for fun,
fours and Norfolk jacket,
Having prepared their plan,
a rope – into his wheel,
If we want a parallel,
ground and wrecking his machine.
of the entire population of England.
1960s who appeared equally threatening,

some form of regulation of cycling grew steadily.
while among many law-abiding people,
the driver lashed out with his long coach-whip,
said to have lead to the founding of the National Cyclists’
and they decided to take their revenge.
In court some weeks later,
when the cyclist came alongside,
St.Albans coach became incensed when they were repeatedly
guard hurled a home-made bola – an iron weight attached to
pressure for
ing a brief moral panic about social decline.The Victorian cyclist,
during 1876 the driver and guard of the London-
while the
bringing the man crashing to the
One particular assault has gone down in cycling
may seem to us a very unlikely anarchist,
Union in 1878.

careering around coastal resorts or suburban centres,
with his mutton-chop whiskers,
There was never any law issued from Parliament defining the rights of cyclists on the road,
especially among the horse-riding fraternity – which was then about a quarter
but a member of a civilised society and protected by the law.They were both
The Unfinished Story
Stories about assaults on cyclists appeared regularly in the cycling
the two coachmen found to their cost that a cyclist was not simply a form of vermin on the road who
but the strength of feeling against
fined for assault and ordered to pay damages.The outrage among cyclists about this particular case is
we might cast our minds back to the gangs of mods and rockers in the
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