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those years,

of the time-trial,
in British cycling,
“The Rolling Wheel”,
Road Racing Council,
much further back than that,
days of cycle sport in Britain.

In the 1920s for example,

the sport of time-trialling was set up,
he was entirely in favour of women riding.
become a fundamental record of the early
and it is a great pity that
he did not write his personal history of
because it would surely have
In 1922 the first body overseeing
the man who first conceived the idea
be regarded as the founding father of the
its development during its first thirty years.
and the man who guided
in fact he must
and Bidlake was the
But his involvement in time-trialling goes
automatic choice to be its first chairman.
From 1890 to 1930,

Trike-racing around 1890.
he consistently opposed the entry of women into racing,

The Unfinished Story
in which he shared his vast knowledge and gave his opinions on all cycling
Bidlake knew everyone and everything

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