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Cycling is a sport
in the very act of riding,
is ten times more pleasurable.

after the manner of cricket or football,
and pastime

It widens the horizon,

the temptation towards overdoing being to some riders almost irresistible.

area of exploration will be enormously increased and the labour as largely diminished.
Frederick Thomas Bidlake,


Cycling is the leader of all locomotive pastimes.Walking and running are left far behind,

a physical enjoyment in the luxury of motion self-originated and self-controlled;
for the tether of a man will stretch fivefold and more,
can on a bicycle best display the greatest powers of endurance.Cycling can be made as easy or as difficult as the rider
which bids fair to outrun all other amusements in popularity.Though not
of the advantages of cycling are truly marvellous.Cycling can be adjusted not only to every degree of strength of the
itary scouting and ambulance purposes,the cycle is daily coming into greater favour.For pure pleasure too,the exer-
competition and performing feats which to the uninitiated sound impossible,and even to those who know something
appliances of boating,coaching and kindred amusements are not required.Cycling does not necessitate co-operation
of evening papers and the delivery of telegrams;for parcel post,for tradesmen's deliveries,for county police,for mil-
pleases.Delicate women too weak to walk can pedal gently on a level road in fine weather and amid fair surround-
rider,but to every purpose for which roads are usable.It halves the labours of rural postmen,it hastens the despatch
cise is pre-eminent.Everyone knows the tonic of a brisk walk,and the delightful muscular sensation of a grand ride
ings,while no stress of storm will deter strong men from doing battle with adverse elements,or entering the strife of
of great antiquity,the hold that it has taken upon all classes of society is one that will never be shaken off.Nor are
the reasons far to seek.It is so many-sided a pastime:no one is too feeble for indulgence in it,yet the strongest man
is unsurpassed by any other form of exercise,while the only harm that ever comes from it is due to indiscreet excess,
Taken in its entirety, cycling as a pastime, as a sport, and as a means of locomotion, either for business or pleasure,
and many a rider enjoys a perfect spin in quiet solitude.There is a pleasure
the freedom and the pleasure of cycling are not in the least secondary to its health-giving qualities.
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