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Rival pairs
on the road,


have the answer to,
writing much later,
formally racing or not,

through villages in clouds of dust,


with traditional road-users – pedestrians,
looking back to the 1880s:
was socially unacceptable,

are nostalgic jokes,

but the consensus was that “furious riding”
but they didn’t:
In order to understand how and why time-trialling was born,
of these “scorchers”,
amazing the early bicycles appeared to people meeting them on the road,

wheel wobbling helplessly behind him.
horsemen and carriages-drivers.
by groups of cyclists,
it was a form of hooliganism,
they often rode in groups,

as they were known,

and how unpopular they were
whether they were
How fast those new bicycles travelled,and how danger-
and the urge
Perhaps if cyclists had only ever ridden individu-
cycling might have been accepted as harmless fun,
to race was irresistible.To us today,Victorian cartoons
jokes at all.What was the legal status of the cyclist on the road? This was a question no one seemed to
hurtling through space on one high wheel with another tiny
an affront to decent
but to many people at the time they were not
ous they looked! Pedestrians backed almost into the hedges
when they met one of them…it was thrilling to see a man
we must try to recall how novel and
This is an eye-witness
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