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its culture.

a hidden sport,
spirit of the Bidlake plan,
the Sabbath.
Perhaps he did ride time-trials,

One important item not on this list,
All his RRA records were set in the paced era,
simply don’t have the answer to this question,
all his life to ride long distances to attend events.

rather strangely,

rather like some illegal form of hunting,
was bike-racing accepted on the roads of all these other countries,

- The guiding principle is that all appearance of racing should be avoided.
1895 he decided to turn his attention to time-keeping and administration,
trying to be first over the line.The problems of the cyclist’s status on the road,

and this feeling was to take deep root in time-trialling,
is the limitation of fields,
we gather from this list is that time-trialling was from the first more than a private sport,
but if so no records of his results seem to have survived.
tion of horse-traffic must surely have been the same in all countries – in France,
- Sunday racing taboo.Nothing would do more to bring the sport into disrepute than racing on
since Bidlake felt
it was a secret
strongly that to permit any more than forty or fifty riders was most undesirable.The clear message that
and his name does not appear on their books after 1895.
One puzzle which no one seems able to explain is why time-trialling developed like this only in
and the dominant posi-
we don’t know whether Bidlake himself ever took part in a new-style time-trial.
but strongly opposed in Britain? We
America and anywhere else one cares to name – for the horse was vital to transport everywhere.Why
Perhaps after
kind.The great aim was to avoid at all costs attracting public or police attention.This was the guiding
but he certainly continued
or cock-fighting or something of that
and become part of
except to suggest that it was something in the national
while in all other countries bike-racing took the more natural form of a bunch of riders all
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