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as it pleased,
was in crisis.

later invited to join,
himself who stepped in,
them.The National Cyclists’

In France or Italy from the earliest days,
Racing resumed in 1919,
in 1922 the Road Racing Council was set up,
men were serving in the army of course,
but the clubs were having none of that.
and with twenty leading clubs as members.

bike races took on a festive
air, they were spectacles, for which the town stopped and went into
character or outlook that made so many people opposed to cycling.
ending the situation where the individual club could run time-trials
with no governing body and no book of rules to guide
senior clubs to show the way by formalising good prac-
with Bidlake as chair-
Other clubs were
track too – was halted during World War One.Thousands of young
All competitive cycling on the road – and most of it on the
Union wanted to take over the sport,
arguing that it was desirable for the large,
and very soon a movement
Delegates from each club attended the Council’s meetings,
and encouraging other clubs to follow their lead.As a result,
widely felt to be unpatriotic to indulge in sport while the nation
party mood for a half a day – something that never happened in
but in addition it was
Instead it was Bidlake
emerged to bring time-trialling under some form of control,

The Unfinished Story
and they issued not strict rules but
and the guiding principle was to encourage uniformity in the running of time-
in his later years

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