The F. T. Bidlake Memorial Trust



A committee appointed to adjudicate upon the Bidlake Memorial Plaque each year shall take into account all the different cycling interests every year and award the prize for the most outstanding performance or contribution to the betterment of cycling in all spheres.  Thus various phases of cycling viz. racing, touring, inventions, literary, etc. shall not be considered separately on an annual rota, but that all of them shall be in the minds of the adjudicating committee each year.


The award shall cover the following cycling interests:

  1. Cycling speed performances (bicycle and tricycle) in competition or against the clock on road or path.

  2. Cycle or accessory improvements, developments or inventions made available to the public or influencing design to the betterment of cycling, whether by the trade or by an individual.

  3. Published writings on cycling of outstanding merit, in the form of books, articles or otherwise.

  4. Outstanding services to cycling interests of a parliamentary, legislative, secretarial, organising or other character, exhibiting special ability, originality or self-sacrifice.

  5. Especial touring enthusiasm and ability, as shown by authenticated mileage charts, taking into account the age, opportunities and varied interests of the riders under consideration.

  6.  Any other meritorious performance, work, discovery or contribution resulting in distinction or benefit to the cycling movement as a whole, not covered by the above headings.

Other considerations by the committee are:

  1. That multiple (i.e. tandem) performances be not considered for the award.

  2. That the committee may withhold awarding the plaque in any one year.

  3. That a club is not eligible for the award..

  4. That the award be restricted to United Kingdom subjects whether performing at home or abroad or to Commonwealth subjects for performances in the United Kingdom.

  5. That the award may be made posthumously.

  6. That the award may be given for a number of years of outstanding service and/or performance.

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